Hot Apple Cider


The thing about hot apple cider is that it is actually very simple.

It is apple cider that has been heated up.

You can add things to it, like cinnamon or nutmeg (or rum?), and you can dress it up in a fancy mug and put things on top of it, like whipped cream, or more cinnamon.

But deep down, it is really just apple cider that has been heated up.

This is at once great and terrible for someone like me, who loves apple cider, and really loves hot apple cider. Simplifying a magical thing like this super-grande cup of hot cider I got from Coffee by Design into a truly accessible seasonal beverage that anyone with four dollars and a stove – or a microwave! – can make? Okay, that’s cool. Because I can make it at home.

But if I can make it at home … well … just how much of it will I drink this fall?



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