Cold Weather Favorites

cold weather favorites

Tis the season to bundle up!

Here are a few of my favorite cold-weather must-haves.

1. A cozy scarf. My favorite pick is Lululemon’s herringbone Vinyasa Scarf. I bought mine in the Portland showroom last year. Lululemon releases different colors of this scarf periodically, and if you can get your hands on a herringbone version, you won’t regret the $48 price tag. I have the scarf in another color, Flash, which is a highlighter-y pink, but the material isn’t quite as soft, squishy and cozy as the wonderful herringbone.

2. A great moisturizer. I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Seaweed line for a few months now, and it keeps my finicky skin quite happy!

3. Leggings. Back to Lululemon and their classic Wunder Unders. I have Astro Wunder Under crops and traditional Wunder Under crops and I love them both. They are long enough on me (I’m 5’4″) to wear tucked into boots and cozy socks. I’ve worn them as pants with a long tunic, and as tights under a shorter dress for added warmth. The leggings are pricey, but once you’ve worn a pair around for a little while, you won’t want to take them off!

4. Lip balm. Classic Chapstick – strawberry flavored, please! – is my favorite lip balm ever. I’ve tried so many lip balms, but nothing keeps my lips consistently soft and smooth like good old Chapstick, and it’s the cheapest thing out there, so that’s a plus!

5. Warm socks. My high school sweetheart gave me my first pair of Smartwool socks and I still have them in my cache of snowboarding gear. They were his spare pair and the socks I brought that day were totally inadequate. Although the gifted pair was a little big on me, it started an addiction. After discovering Smartwool’s everyday socks a few years ago, I’m now in the process of weeding most of my non-Smartwool socks out of my wardrobe (dress socks/tights/etc. and a few workout socks are exempt). Smartwool has casual and performance styles, and they’re all cozy and comfy and toasty to keep feet happy all winter long.

6. Warm boots. I might be the last one out there saying this, but I still love my Uggs. I’ve had them for years. They’re not performance boots, but for everyday wear they’re just what I need. They may not be the most attractive boots out there, but I’ll be wearing mine till they fall apart!

7. Casual-chic jacket. Although I have a few performance jackets which are warmer and more technically-inclined than this faux-leather bomber from Target, for going out with Matt or the girls, or running errands around town, this $40 jacket is a great buy. It’s cute, stylish and affordable. The oxblood color is very “in” this season, I’m told – not that I ever really know what’s “in” let alone how to wear it, but I love this color and keep seeing it everywhere this year so let’s just go with it. I actually bought this jacket after first seeing it on Natalie‘s recent Top 10 list on the blog Happily Grey. I had ordered a faux leather jacket from Forever 21, but it just didn’t do anything for my short, top-heavy shape. This jacket is longer, warmer, AND more flattering, for the same price!

8. A cozy hat. I have a few cheap, warm knitted hats in my closet and find that I wear them all every season. My ears get cold so easily, which ends up giving me a headache, which ends up making me cranky. So when in doubt, I bring a hat – just in case.

Not pictured is my Lollia handcreme (read my review of their handcremes!) which I’ve been using regularly as the cold, dry air starts to take its toll on my hands.

My other cold-weather favorite is the delicious Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks. I don’t want to be that person who takes a million pictures of their Starbucks red cup to post on the internet, but I’m totally drinking one right now, with soy milk and whipped cream, and it’s delicious. (And yes, in case you’ve ever wondered, they will make you a Peppermint Mocha at any time of the year. You just won’t get a fancy red cup.)

What are your cold-weather staples?

// xo Jacki


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