Odds + Ends / 10

Look what happened this weekend!


He’s been asking for a bicycle for a long time. Very exciting. He got to show off the new bike to his grandparents today! (… and I got to ride a bike for the first time in many, many years. Not E’s – his Grammy’s.)

It was not a week with much time to read or even think but this beautiful piece, How To Be In Love at A Practical Wedding, is not to be missed.

And on the total opposite end of the emotional spectrum, here is a hilarious video of a cat loudly objecting to being bathed.

Aaaannnd that’s about all I’ve got. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! Back to work all too soon tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Odds + Ends / 10”

    1. Thumbs up in the first photo – although a friend on FB thought he was flipping me off! Haha. None of that yet! He is SO excited about this bike. So. Excited.

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