Let’s Run Away

Let’s run away.

Just you and me. Backpack. Camera. Passport. Go. Get on a plane and fly away. Hand in hand, out and about in the world together.

Let’s go wandering our way through cities and across countrysides, over streams, up mountains, into cathedrals and caverns. Let’s make new friends in pubs and cafes and on the train. Let’s kiss under the stars in every city we can. Let’s draw our names in the sand on the beaches of foreign shores, knowing the tide will wash away our footprints, but never these memories.

Let’s see each other tired, hungry, jet-lagged, lost, sun-burned, curious, laughing, invigorated, exploring, flush with excitement.

Let’s come home with crinkled maps and empty pockets. Let’s come home full of stories, and enjoy staying put for a while, until we’re ready to wander again.

Let’s never stop exploring, discovering, the world and each other. Let’s run away together.

(This post was written, rather belatedly, for the Five Minute Friday writing prompt. The most recent prompt was “fly” – it’s no secret I’ve been yearning for a vacation, an adventure – and out flew this little daydream of a letter to my sweetheart. Click here to learn more and join in!)

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